Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Tonight you’re mine, completely

It had taken the glaziers almost two days to install the massive mirror above Scott’s bed, but he thought the effect had been worth the wait. He was fastidious about details, and this one was the final item he needed to cross off his list. A train rattled in the distance, annoying him slightly. What was the point in choosing the perfect location if the location happened to be shared by a train?

He’d waited five years to complete the House of Mirrors. He’d observed as his hair had leaned towards that shade people called “silver fox”, but hadn’t accepted that. Imported hair colour treatments once a week saw his black locks kept in check.

Mostly it was quiet in the valley, and he liked that. The city was too crowded for him; the crowds of people unsettled him, but up here in the hills that rolled like sculpted breasts into the horizon he was content. 

The home gym was one of his favourite places to be, watching his taut muscles heave against the strain of the weights, a towel catching the runnels of sweat as they dripped down his slick chest. He preferred to push his body hard, and, in summer, would strip completely. His eyes fixed on his own mirrored eyes in silent communication.

He remembered the time as a teen that his parents had sent him for therapy. They’d been worried that he had no friends, but they didn’t know about the power of reflection. Narcissism: that was the word the psychiatrist had mentioned in his report. Scott had laughed, a laugh he had practised in the shower that very morning. A laugh that was scathing, derisive. His parents hadn’t asked him to do any repeat sessions.

They’d asked him once or twice about girls, but he’d never seen the point. His space was his own, and the thought that lace underwear would be left lying around in the bathroom along with balms, lotions and the general detritus of femininity was too much to contemplate. Scott kept the few Scandinavian toiletries that he had in one cupboard. They had very strict production controls in the Scandinavian countries.

He was still sweating after the workout, so he twisted the mother-of-pearl handles on the hot tub and sank into the foam, eyes closed. Every pore felt alive as he worked a straight razor across his chest and belly, slowly down to his legs, every hard contour. The hairs collected in a container that whirled in the water, keeping his body clean while he relaxed. After a half an hour, he rose, dried himself and walked to his bedroom, naked.

Scott thought back to the thoughts of girls again as he lay on his bed, looking up at the mirror on the ceiling. He sighed. The bottom left corner of the mirror was slightly lower than the top. He’d have to get the glazier back in. A low rumble signalled the last freight train of the evening. The vibrations travelled through the house, gently shaking the mirrors he’d placed on every wall.

The mirror above him made an odd grinding sound. It sagged down and he watched as the eight steel bolts slowly slid in unison out of the plaster.

As the mirrored Scott grew bigger in an instant, Scott smiled a wet smile of longing.

“Tonight you’re mine, completely” he thought.


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  1. I'm 87% convinced that you're prodding my darker side into being through words. I love these adventures with you!

    1. Honestly? This one got under my skin. It created a horrible feeling of clinical nastiness and I wanted to rewrite it as something happy.

  2. "What was the point in choosing the perfect location if the location happened to be shared by a train?" - yes! I would say 'Adrian Mole, is that you?' but I much prefer your piece to anything Townsend wrote.

    1. I liked the Adrian Mole scene where he tries to paint his room black but Big Ears' hat keeps showing through the paint. We can't blot out the past... :)

  3. Wow, Scott, so much to love. Really enjoy your work, Scadinavian to a T!

    You rocked this one
    love brett fish

    1. Thank you, Brett Fish! Note: any Scotts in this are creative inventions and no reflection of real Scotts, living or dead.

  4. This piece really intrigued me! "As the mirrored Scott grew bigger in an instant", next page?


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