Sunday, July 5, 2009

But what's it for?

Thanks, Steers, for this. The kind of marketing any restaurant chain would envy. Some marketing director was paid huge amounts of money for this. Probably sourced from some Asian country, it's a ball, a very hard one, that tends to bounce up and hit you in the face. Hard. And it has amusing hair...
Ha. Ha. Ha.
This should be a more in-depth post about happy meal toys in general, but this one kinda sums them up:
They are all as useful as a hairy ball.


  1. Unreal... and kids clamour for them! I'll bet there are 8 to collect and swop...

  2. Last time I took X and C to Steers they got balloons with "fun" printed on them, on sticks. Purple ones. Bet you someone got a big bonus for that campaign as well. The shrunken voodoo head beats that though.

  3. @angel: Maybe that's the problem. The children are the target market- but even mine weren't very impressed with these.
    @SMP: Those balloons- if they don't say 'fun', then they clearly aren't.

  4. um, that *toy* is borderline not-politically-correct...


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