Friday, August 6, 2010

Here, There and Everywhere

She’s someone you’ve never met. And someone you see everyday. She’s a woman who lives a life of dignity and yet humility. Who is sometimes brazen and able to stare down self-proclaimed experts and authorities, and yet sometimes vulnerable- she cries tears of self-doubt and sadness for the things she wishes she could change in the world.

She’s showed great dignity when dealing with the loss of loved ones, and bravery in the face of struggles which would overwhelm anyone else. She’s passionate about the way music and words can change lives, and has a heart covered with the scars of the times she stood in the gap for people going through battles.

She’s got altars. Places of sacrifice where, at times, she has placed her career for the sake of her children, and, at other times, placed her relationships on the line so that she can work to provide for them. The altars are places where she comes to remind herself of the sacrifices she has made in order to serve those whom she cares about.

She loves to laugh, sometimes when laughter is the only solution other than weeping, and can draw a smile from the faces of those around her by the strength of her personality alone. She’s a lover. Of life, of nature, of people. A lover is exposed to the danger of losing their solitude, but she, well, she does not hold back, and gives herself fearlessly, not selfishly, and she is conversely a reward to others and to herself.

At times she has carried, and at others, has been carried. She is the sum of all her memories and hopes for the future: she never gives up. She inspires other people to be better themselves, and yet does not suffer pride.

She’s out there, changing the lives of those around her, just by living life to the full and never giving up.

This composite woman is someone you may recognize: if you’re a woman, you see her everyday in the mirror. Different facets at different times. If you’re a man, you see it in your daughter, your partner, your colleagues, your friends. I see her everyday in the woman I love, and I’m quietly in awe of her, which is the only appropriate response. She’s inspiring. She’s incredible. She’s you.

To K. With love.


  1. Beautiful(to be loved and to love like that)!!!

  2. Awww. Scott. *Sniff* Karen is a lucky lady and you are a lucky man. x

  3. @Anonymous and Robi: Well, it was primarily K, but also recognising those same qualities in other women whom I admire and respect.. :)

  4. Gosh that is exquisite. Made my eyeballs leak.

  5. Brought a tear......Do you have a clone??


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