Monday, August 23, 2010

Things Appear Bigger Through a Rifle's Sights

Waking up to a fresh start once a week/clean clothes after washday/early mornings when you get to see the sun rising/DJs on the radio trying to cheer you up/getting to prioritise the week/getting stuff done you didn’t manage to do last week/taking your professional life in a new direction/discovering that people like to advertise exciting things that day/coffee tasting so much better and seeming to be more necessary/restaurants having special prices because they need to compensate for quieter traffic/the unexpected evenings you have with your friends because it’s not predictable in the way a weekend is/Happy Hours/meetings that resolve issues/the sense that everything could change before the week is out/the way a favourite CD can feed your mood/knowing that no matter haw bad it is, it’s just a day and that it’ll be over in a few hours/happy memories from the weekend/seeing photos going up on Facebook/catching up on news with people who have been away as they update their statuses/the way people seem to publish blogs of accumulated thoughts and review their lives/leftover food from entertaining/a sense of camaraderie with others as people commiserate/coming home to a house and garden that you’ve tidied up/feeling alert at the end of the day/having the energy to watch a favourite movie or TV show/still having the rest of the week to do things, see things, feel things and learn things….

Some pretty good reasons to enjoy Mondays. Right?

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