Thursday, August 19, 2010

Laughing in the Face of Adversity

She’s got the most infectious laugh. No names mentioned, but, chances are, if you’re chatting to her and she’s drinking coffee, it will come squirting out of her nose. Not a tiny bit. She has sprayed walls, clothing, floors and phones. If I climbed a ladder, I’d probably find coffee stains on the ceiling.

Moments of hysteria. The best kind of rib-aches. When your throat is raw from wheezing with laughter after a fun conversation. You can’t put a value on that. Her sense of humour is enough to keep us all entertained and coming back for more. She’s addictive like that.

Sometimes I get that with my children. I’ll be trying to get them corralled and organized- as focused as a marine heading over the ridge with his troops, when one of them will randomly tell a story, or say something so funny, that my composure is immediately and inextricably turned to mush. Once we start laughing, the whole room starts. To be able to share a moment with your kids that ends up with all of you with cheeks wet with tears of laughter is something that makes me smile even now.

There are sitcoms and live comedy shows. There are friends who know how to say funny stuff with impeccable timing. There’s always something to get the tummy rolling over with gasping laughter.

I’m thinking about how difficult life can be, and how, when we’ve run out of physical distractions, a good belly laugh is sometimes our only weapon against despair, bitterness, hopelessness and depression. Sure- it won’t sort out relationships, finances, health or security, and it aint gonna be effective as a secret weapon in the wars against terrorism or drugs, but it makes life bearable. It defuses the horrors, breaks up the humdrum, and is to life what sugar is to coke.

Thanks to all of you who make me laugh, smile, giggle, grin. Even when it’s expressed as LOLs or PMSLs, it means that you guys have helped to add something special to my day. I only hope that we can do that for each other, and that the good times will make the bad ones seem toothless and distant, and that none of you will ever feel the sadness that comes with loneliness.

Sometimes a smile is the only way out.


  1. I totally agree with you. Laughter sometimes is the best medicine. Keep laughing.


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