Friday, August 13, 2010

Just a quiet moment.

Wow. Two years have slipped by since the last chance any of us had to take photos of you, hear your voice on the phone, or tell you of how life is for us. Ok, sure, you didn't react towards the end, but sometimes it was good just to pretend.
I know my brothers miss you- you'd have laughed- on your birthday, just the other day, we were all contacting each other on facebook, and we realised we were all playing Johnny Cash, feeling sad- on other sides of the world.
I dream of you, sometimes. In my dreams you're vital, the person I love to remember.
I had a picture of you up in my room, but it started fading. I keep it in my drawer now. It's of a day, not too long ago, when we all sat together as a family and posed, just a snapshot. A moment we stole from life and tried to keep the same way forever.
But the memories go on. They get strangely sharper. I thought that they'd start to fade, but they haven't.
Just thought I'd let you know you're in my thoughts. Love you

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