Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Catching Up

Maaaaaybe I was kidnapped and held underground in a coffin-like box with a rubber air-hose.
I grew my pinky nails and clawed my way up through the musty sand.
Lots of changes too dull to discuss here, but I'll be moving urls. In fact, maybe I already have. (I'm a bit clueless about this). The name of this rather pointless blog will also change, pointlessly, to another pointless name. The best part of it is that I'll see you all here, or in a circus mirror version of here shortly.
I'll attempt to redirect you, and follow you from the new URL.
If all this techno crap fails me, I'll start a new blog and put up details for ya.
Thanks for listening, you've been very kind...
The old URL:
The new one:


  1. Aaaalrighty then... so why the change?

  2. @angel: No change at all! I hereby promise to be as meaningless as ever.

  3. Can't fool us. We know that you have big plans, We've heard the whispering for some time now. Many of us (we're organised) are excited and await great things.

  4. @Lee: Whisperings? I thought only I could hear those...

  5. Weird. Do yours also call my name?

  6. @Lee: Strangely enough, they prefer to remain anonymous,and seem not to care at whom they direct their insidious sibilance.

  7. Insidious sibilant squids? Duuuuuuuuude. Welcome back. 'ray!

  8. @TBFNAMP: Thanks, good to have a word out there...

  9. @Mizasiwa: I need an incentive to stay... Pay would be good.


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