Tuesday, June 9, 2009

I stand corrected...

To balance out the previous entry, which seemed a leeeetle self-serving:

  • The kitchen lights don’t work. The switch spits blue sparks if you touch it.
  • The bathroom ceiling has a badly covered hole, about the size of the Eskom contractor who fell through it two years ago.
  • The lounge blind looks like something which has been used to flagellate, er, people who like flagellation.
  • One of the kitchen cupboards keeps falling off, and needs to be replaced.
  • In fact, the entire kitchen could use some new cupboards and counters.
  • I never dust. I’m allergic to the stuff. Neen does, but she can’t move the heavy furniture.
  • Never cleaned under the fridge.
  • Haven’t weeded the paving in a year. In the flowerbed, there is a collection of the flowers sent in sympathy after my Mum died in August last year. Not growing flowers, just flower arrangements I chucked there.
  • I’m too sacred to move James’s and Jonah’s bunk beds. I think things live underneath. Furry things.
  • There are chunks of wall which need patching and replacing.
  • The desk where we keep our computer is falling apart.
  • I never quite get rid of mildew on the ceilings. Have painted some now, but some still have grey patches.
  • We need new furniture in the lounge. I did buy a bright throw for the couch, but it has since shed fine red fibre over the entire house. Also, putting a throw over that couch is like sticking a corpse in a shallow grave.

    I could go on, but Neen reads this, and it could mean I’ll never have a weekend to myself again…


  1. Hahahaha! Sounds just like my place =)

  2. @justBcoz: Sigh. The house isn't that big, but seems to breed extra work. There's something to be said for renting- then you can get the landlord to do it.

  3. I just read this and the last post in order, so first things first: if you're going to do stuff like fix up the bedroom like that, you're raising the bar unnaturally high for those of us who expected a lot of credit for "stacking the DVDs nicely."

    Second, you cracked me up with the flower arrangements chucked in the garden -- and you lowered that bar right back down.

  4. I had to move the dishwasher the other day - it was broken! I was a little scared of the stuff underneath!

    Houses do tend to FIND stuff for us to do!

  5. oh, I dont like the sound of the blue sparks in the kitchen issue. That sounds like a fire waiting to happen. PLease get it taken care of, stat!

    The rest of the mess...no big whoop.

  6. Two words of advice.
    Apparently they kick arse when it comes to home maintenance ;) And then everything that Briane P said.

  7. @Briane P: The trick is to do things badly, but with a lot of noise- so that the effort is appreciated, but you won't get asked to do it again...
    @Laura; Eeew. I don't know if you'll understand this- Bo blink, onder stink...
    @brandy101: I can't fix electricity- will call a professional, though..
    @SMP: Not to be confused with Russianbrides.com?

  8. Dude- thats when I move. Leave everything as it is and start over again.

  9. @angel: Cool plan- make it someone else's problem. Wanna buy a beaten up house?


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