Thursday, June 25, 2009

My Life as an Emoticon

I like seeing: dogs running so fast on shiny floors that they skid into walls/the expression on a cat’s face when it realises it’s done something stupid/women who look like drunken flamingos when they wear high heels/men who make bad toupee decisions/babies tasting lemon juice for the first time/children getting distracted when they are cross and forgetting that they aren’t supposed to be smiling/cars driven by hat-wearing old people going so slowly that they are giving impatient people embolisms/rain washing the windows or the car so that I don’t have to/serving suggestions on food packaging completely unlike the product within/the ‘your message has been sent’ message after you finally send a work project off on email/pictures of our house made out of painted macaroni made by my children/and pictures they do of me looking pretty much like a twisted emoticon/a waiter heading my way before I wonder if it is impolite to snap my fingers and cry ‘garcon!’/a favourite movie for the fifth time and discovering new lines of dialogue/people taking fashion risks and not realising it/people taking fashion risks and missing the target/shiny things half-covered on the beach….

I like seeing those things. I’m thinking good thoughts, not wanting to return to this time last year when my mother almost died, and then did.

Back to my happy place…


  1. mmm im in the same space. my dad died this time four years ago.

    i got your back X

  2. squishes dude... I'd go to bed.

  3. I'm very sorry about your mom - -what a curveball at the end there. Keep up the happy thoughts.

  4. @angel: Yeah.. Just waiting for Neen to fly in from Joburg.
    @Briane P: It was a flash of emotion that swamped me, flashily. Thanks.

  5. Good job. I might steal this idea because it is so upbeat and fun. If I do I will give you the full credit you deserve, bwahahahahaha

  6. In a completely unrelated topic: I absolutely ADORE your writing.

    hope you're feeling better.


  7. Hi Scott
    Hope you are feeling better im thinking of you at this time...

  8. @ Herb: Nah- it wouldn't be stealing- you're welcome to it!
    @Abby: Will do- it was a moment of bleakness, but the moment has passed.
    @SheBee: Why, thank you- all lovely comments most gratefully received...
    @Mizasiwa: Thanks- I am, really.


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