Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Short delurking post: Sexual non-secrets shared.

I never actually write about my sex life. You’ll be glad to hear that. As will Neen. Despite the title of this blog being ‘husbands anonymous’, I don’t write about that which is surely one of the more popular roles of a husband- the lover. (According to the googled phrases used to get here, the word husband is most often associated with unfaithfulness, spousal violence, abuse or weird pasttimes and bed habits)

The name? I was trying to register a name for this blog nearly five years ago, and the one I really wanted didn’t fit into the previous server’s system. I can’t remember what it was, but it was brilliant. I was too impatient to spend time thinking up something witty, so I just typed ‘husbands anon’ in the field, and it became this.

I’ve overshared about poop, vomit, body-parts, heck, pretty much everything. I’ve alluded to sex on several occasions, but usually for the purpose of writing about something completely unrelated. I don’t talk about it for Neen’s sake. The only thing I’ll ever admit to is that we are married, and we have had sex at least three times. (Actually, we have had three miscarriages as well as three living children, so make that six times).

I like reading the variety of things other people write. I love your overshares, your undershares, and your silliness. I really feel it when you guys are struggling through the swampy stuff, the painful stuff, the agonies of life. I’ve been helped through some hard times by blogging friends, and the cathartic act of blogging itself. I’m about to develop a blogroll which is more public- at the moment I’m following loads of you, but that list is a page within a page. But if you’d like to be added, or I don’t know about you, I’d love to do that.

I’m not looking to win blogger of the year contests, I just like the community that is around here. I’m still iffing about organizing a local event to meet some of you- the virtual world is so much easier to control. Like many of you, I’m an introvert, who happens to enjoy this forum for exhibitionism. I’m a voyeur, but in a social way.

Catch ya on the net!


  1. Add me! Add me!

    I've only *just* discovered your blog after recently following you on twitter and I'm aready FAN!

    And like you, I totally love all the overshares and silliness. IMO, there's no such thing as TMI. And I love that people are willing to share their pain and confusion - I can relate to so much of it ...

    Fellow Introvert.

  2. @justBcoz: Too late! I've already added to to a list of blogs I follow... But happy to stick you on a public roll, so that others can see you, too ;-)

  3. @totallycooked: Gotya! I've read your blog- but forgot to add it. Thanks for the reminder :-)

  4. So where is this blogroll of which you speak? Or am I missing something? [I am, just tell me already, ok?]

  5. @SMP: It's under 'view my complete profile' in the sidebar. It gives a list of followers, but I want a public blogroll, too, so I can pass on links to other good blogs...

  6. screw you pick me ;)


  7. Hows that- I didn't even notice you don't have a blogroll!
    I don't blog about my sex life either- apart from the occasional hint.

  8. @ExMi: This wasn't meant as a personal slight against those who do! Picked.
    @AngelsMind: You are on it, although your feed doesn't work!

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  9. Move to Wordpress, dude. You know you want to ..

  10. well SD im glad you follow me and stop in from time to time.
    I like to do the same here.
    if you like Ill post more pics of the trees in my back yard with a large bon fire in the foreground.


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