Sunday, May 3, 2009

And My Arms Are Really Tired!

I’m still not convinced that airplanes actually fly. Let’s think about it logically: They are really, really heavy (ever dropped one on your toe?) They don’t flap their wings, like birds, or have thin membranous wings like bats.
So. What really happens when you go to the ‘air’port?
Do you just go on some simulated flight to another part of the runway? Climb out into a movie-set? A few props- postcards, bad clothes, and some actors with silly accents, and you could be anywhere.
These aren’t the kinds of thoughts you want to have while hurtling through the air… The Crash Analysis people always come up with some dumb excuse- a faulty rivet? Metal fatigue? Sure, the metal gets fatigued from pretending to ‘fly’.
I’m not at all nervous about Neen hurtling through the air over the treacherous mountains and desert wastelands of South Africa right now…
Can’t wait to give Neen a gold old high five. (Still not elucidating). She’ll be back from her epic voyage in about one hour. No Golden fleece, or Cyclops scalp, just a superior knowledge of digitization in academic libraries.


  1. OK, I have been allegedly traveling back and forth between Los Angeles and Sacramento for over a decade. My question is, did I buy a fake house in Los Angeles? Or did I buy a fake house in Sacramento? And is my husband merely an actor with a Sacramentan accent?

  2. @NGIP: With all the jetlag, you are now four years old again, so you'll have to sit next to an air steward next time. Bu you will get cool in-flight gifts.


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