Monday, May 4, 2009

Last 'they make me puke, get a room already' post

Pepper and salt
Socks and shoes
Bathwater and soap
Alcohol and a furry tongue
Pasta and red-checked tablecloths
Babies and bottles
Politicians and hot air
Work and fatigue
Inspiration and creativity
Pointy tables and shins
Books and knowledge
Exploration and experience
Compromise and mug-shots
Birth and death
Laughter and tears
Pain and relief
Wet grass and cold butts
Addictive personalities and broken moral compasses
Bouquets of flowers and first kisses
Self-centeredness and goodbyes
Dodgy tex-mex food and toilet bowls
Sit-coms and intellectual vacuums
Nicholas Cage and disappointing box-office figures
Blisteringly hot new talents and tacky headlines
Indulged children and ungrateful teenagers
Long baths and prune-toes
Being reunited and breathless hugs
Fame and wide-eyed adopted children
Newly washed cars and incontinent pigeons
New black jeans and Kleenex left in the pockets on laundry day…

Neen is back.
We go together well.
Care to contribute a ‘goes together like…’ of your own?
I'll stop the sentimental stuff now...
Back to spittle and dung, as per usual.


  1. I miss my wife when she works late so happy day for the two of you. By the way, wet grass and cold butts? That's an excellent combo that one can only write from experience.

    Bogey and Bacall
    Left-overs and scrambled eggs
    Chocolate and peanut butter
    PhDs and pretensions
    Hammocks and summer reading
    Best intentions and regret

  2. Glad you're back together like.

  3. Peas and carrots?
    Glad you're a unit again :)

  4. I'm so very glad she's back!
    EWrm, how bout, "like rubber and the road"...

  5. @Briane P: Me toooooo!
    @MDL: You just can't resist a list! And yes: Personal experience.
    @Abby: thanks, like...
    @SMP: A Unit? That sounds very clinical, but yeeeees, we are ;-)
    @Angel: Your driving skills under fire again?


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