Sunday, March 15, 2009

And After That I Did the Knife Scene from True Grit

The typical
(generalizing here!) South African male spends his weekends:
Watching rugby, fixing the car, washing the car, watching cricket, watching more rugby, drinking beer, kidding around with his buddies, braaiing (barbecuing), watching rugby, eating junk food…

I, on the other hand, spent the weekend baking a cake for my father-in-law’s birthday, drinking a pink cocktail with my sister-in-law, picking long-stemmed roses at a rose farm, and… braaiing. The last one was not just an attempt to compensate for the first three, but because I can do manly things, too.

Actually, the children ‘helped’ with the cake (spoon-licking is an important facet to the process), and also picked the roses, so I was being a good parent, too. It was kinda frustrating- they were very bad at ascertaining the longevity of a rose, and picked ones which were clearly entering the Zimmer-frame equivalent of rose-hood. I, on the other hand, chose marvelous blossoms, destined to fill our house with floral cheer for a day or two. I win.

Hannah says: Hmm, these roses probably won’t last till Mommy comes home. Yup. That’s true- Seven weeks to go!


  1. I'm impressed and glad that you made a blue cake. Otherwise, I'd be concerned about the amount of time you spend watching Rugby.

  2. Wahahah - uhm and you forgot - actually GOING OUT to a restaurant with said sister in law. Thanks for weekend Scott. It was dysfunctional and fun as always. : )

  3. And paying for said s-i-l!
    It was fun, althought you were the dysfunctional one...
    Thanls for doing the dishes :-)

  4. You are a good man :) That cake looks yum!!!

  5. Completely blowing my own trumpet, but yes, it was!
    Made out of muffin mix= all you do is add eggs, water and oil, but it comes out very well...

  6. The cake looks fabulous!
    So how goes it with the paperchain?

  7. "Zimmerframe equivalent of rose-hood" Snort. You are not well.

  8. @ angel: the paperchain got shredded and forgotten... but it was fun for a while
    @Janine: I thought that phrase zinged off the page!

  9. Oh, poor roses. But the kids are great company in flowers picking. Hehe! Sounds really cool for a guy like you, Scott. So I think my husband resembles those South African males 'coz he spends his weekends watching this Rugby league club with the kids, and of course braaiing. What's the pink cocktail?


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