Monday, March 9, 2009

Scorch marks on the ceiling

This post is being co-hosted at both sites- sort of a blog threesome (eh?). I have settled for Blogger, as it is linked to so many fun widgets and applications, and is easy to upload stuff to. I do feel a little guilty, blogdrive, in case you were wondering. Which is insane- guilt about a blog server? C’MON!- We were close, once, but I guess we just outgrew each other.

So I’m ready to make the move, but don’t want to alienate any friends, so will keep up the old site- maybe transfer some archived posts. I don’t think it’s going to be possible to transfer the whole thing, but hey, a fresh start wouldn’t be so bad.

In a fit of marketing genius, I left the name the same, but added ‘ymous’, so it shouldn’t be too difficult for anyone who gives a hoot to find it. My lack of posting for a year or so has left a distinct lack of hooting, though.

Unfortunately, it has been so hot, that on the weekend I spontaneously combusted, and am now forced to type this as a pair of smoking shoes with fried feet-stubs poking out. I hope to reconstitute my body, but as the heat is turned up in Cape Town AGAIN today, I will remain bodiless. Did I hear you say mindless? That’s just rude.

I’m really getting into this again- writing down nonsense. I have to as an antidote to blowing up inflatable frogs and digging out school socks from behind the bunk beds. It’s also great because I can throw out sentences such as “I’m just fiddling with my widget”. When I was a teenager, I would have been without pocket money for a month if I’d said that.

So this post will appear on both pages:
Husbands Anon and husbands anonymous- I can’t claim to have two blogs, though. I would keep both, but it is hard to type when you are just a pair of ash-laden shoes.


  1. Look at you with your stuff-a-blog widget. You stole that from me you know. Please change the settings on the "Comment as" field. I couldn't sign in as a Typepad blogger. Dammit.

  2. Oh?
    Ok- that's not nice- I'll take a look at it and see, because I am so good at changing settings!
    And you are the widget queen- but it is free sharesh*t, so I didn't really steal it from you?

  3. Haai. Nice new blog. We hope to have you back as a fully functioning body soon.

  4. Thanks for that.
    As soon as the dentist is finished with me, I will be back in action...


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