Thursday, March 12, 2009

Pig Fat? With Fruit? Mmmm

I feel like a colander with holes that are too big. I try to tell my children the truth, within limits, but sometimes too much escapes, or I just get it wrong. I want you to read the following sentences, as said by Hannah, 6, today, and see if you can figure out how her mind works…

“We only eat Pig Fat at parties, or if we’ve been very, very good!!!!”

“Some people wish they had a different mom, but I don’t!!!! As if I would!!! My mom is the best mom!!!”
Note- six-year-olds speak with exclamation marks, ok!!!!!!!

The first statement comes from a very hazy explanation I gave as to the origins of jelly (jello in the US). Enough said. She didn’t finish the bowl a church friend had brought round for is in Neen’s absence. My own culinary skills are up to making jelly, ok? Add water, stir, refrigerate. Got it. I'm glad I didn't start talking about marine shortening...

The second statement was entirely random, and makes me wonder what these children talk about at break-time, and if I should be more guarded, in case my life gets dissected by a class of six-year-old girls- long acknowledged to be the most analytical group of human beings at any point in their lives. But then, are they going to be kinder than you?

When they say things like these, my heart nearly busts out of love for them, and I totally forget about, well, the previous post.

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