Tuesday, March 17, 2009

You know who you are

Remember three weeks ago when you threw your girlfriend of six years in the air and she landed on her face? Twice? And kicked me in the head? When I tried to stop a man twice my size from hurting my friend? Remember? No, you wouldn’t. The tooth you knocked out of her mouth, the bruises and gashes from head to toe- that was because, according to you, I ‘stomped’ on your foot. No, sweetie, I put up my arms in horror when I thought you’d kill my friend, but you hit me five times in the head before I could ‘stomp’ on anything.

That’s her blood there on my white t-shirt, after I helped her inside. I don’t know which gash it came from. Maybe all of them. Anyway, the police called tonight. They’re talking prison (the policeman mentioned Pollsmoor prison- google it) after following up on the charges I laid. You’ll have lots of opportunities to exercise your particular brand of mindless violence there.

I didn’t ask to get involved in your Jerry Springer nonsense, but, as they say, ”yo goin to tha big faam, buddy!”


  1. Good for you on laying charges against an @sshole like that!!!

  2. I can't stand it that men do that to women. Or that women go back to them. Who cares about Chris Brown and Rihanna, it's happening right next door to you, every day.
    You can't blame alcohol, tv games, movies or anything else. You just don't do it!
    Unless we are a society of sociopaths?

  3. Yikes! I hope justice is served.

  4. You mean slam my head repeatedly into your size 13 shoes, too?


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