Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Sometimes, I feel like a motherless fawnnnn

Very frustrating. When the internet goes down, I feel strangulated. Not for this aimless meandering writing, but because I use it for work. Dammit, I can’t do the accounts, so I’ll work on the website…. D’oh! Ok, I’ll, crap, what’s left? I’ll answer some of those emails I put stars next to with the FULL intention of getting back to you… Nope. I can’t do ANY work. Guess I’ll just read some blo…aaaargggghhh

In SA we had enforced power cuts. Despite exporting electricity to other poorer neighbours, we didn’t have enough for ourselves (noble, but idiotic). So at the height of the power cuts, we had two two hour periods a week where we were forced to do without. So there’s no power, and you think oh dear, I’ll watch some TV…er, have some coffee…. Er, take a shower, er, read that book with the 6-point type, er… so it goes, as Kurt Vonnegut says.

I’m trying to think of things I do without the luxury of googling or cranking up the power. I’m afraid there isn’t much. Especially since Neen is away. Heh heh- insert lascivious comment here… By the way- the bars closed- no more babies for us. Despite God blessing us with three, we pre-empted additional blessings by having a small surgical procedure during the last birth. And no, it wasn’t on me. Take one step closer with that scalpel, buddy…

So I plonk on the guitar, thinking, Hmm, I should listen to that song I want to play badly… er… and then light a candle, which is romantic if you are on a date, and hoping to drift through to the bedroom, but not so much when your wife is away, and it’s just you and darkness, my old friend. Try some candle experiments, like sweeping my fore-finger through the flame till it is black, molding wax into tiny people. Have a glass of wine, because the candle is there already, and they are close friends, candles and wine…

You get the picture.

*Mental note: When ‘Mommy’ is away, don’t read Bambi as a bedtime story- (sotto voce)- his mother diiiiiies. I was weeping while I read it, remembering doing the same when I was about five, and seeing it on the big screen, my Dad’s cigarette glowing companiably in the giant theatre beside me. Tonight, I read the death scene, and quickly spoke about how Bambi’s mother had become burgers and spaghetti, to lighten the moment. It was a gamble, but it worked. The only tears were my own.

But the power is on now, obviously, so I can shower whilst drinking coffee and watching TV, if I damn well please. And no, I do not shower in the nude. You people have filthy minds.


  1. Whoa. No power for a few hours a night? OK, you have us beat.

    Today I was in a newly-built hardware/home supply superstore near my home and noticed signs emblazoned across the walls in the bathrooms and above the water fountains: *By order of the Lake County Dept of Health, this water has been found to be contaminated with coliform bacteria. DO NOT DRINK.*

    Seriously, Scott, it freaked me out. I thought...What? I thought we lived in a well-developed, nice, neat area. No safe drinking water? What is THAT all about? And then I thought *Dang, we are SPOILED*.

  2. Molding wax into tiny people! You are insane. Aaargh!

  3. The most productive day I had at work in March was the day the Internet was down.

    But where's the spoiler alert on that Bambi thing?

  4. @Brandy: Somewhat hilariously, the internet went down completely, and nationally, with the biggest server just after I wrote this post, and didn't come back for about 18 hours...
    @bee: Don't tell me you have never fiddled with wax! Everyone does it, in the privacy of their homes, that is.
    @Briane: OKAYYYYYYY So for everyone who hasn't seen bambi- ie, Briane- sorry for giving away the plot. Nemo's mother dies, too.

  5. Ag shame man, you were powerless?

  6. I have a page on my blog of old poetry (its linked under the header but above the posts) and every single one was written in a worn notepad with a cheap pen by candlelight. There was no aura quite like it... ambiance is a better word maybe?

  7. @Angel: I prefer 'electrically disenfranchised'
    @Sam: I've tried writing poetry with a really nice pen in an expesive notebook, but it's still the kind of stuff that only I will get.
    Ambiance is good!

  8. For a nano-second today we were faced with a whole afternoon of paid idleness, but the damn facilities department seem to have managed to sync the generators so it was not to be. But I like the idea of moulding wax into tiny little people figures, especially if they look a bit like your colleagues, and you have pins and cotton and staples handy ...


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