Monday, March 30, 2009

A.N. Idiot? For Doodles, with love

“Hannah is a dear little girl who is quiet and well-behaved. Her concentration is good and she is able to follow instructions. She enjoys physical education lessons, but is still reluctant to participate during swimming lessons. She is friendly, and gets on well with her peers”. Hmmm. Interesting report- not sure who this kid was, but apart from the reluctance to swim, I don’t particularly endorse the opinions of the teacher… Able to follow instructions???

And: “ In order to further improve his comprehension skills, it is recommended that James reads suitable English fiction books regularly. Although James has a good imagination, he needs to use more formal language in his stories, and punctuate his sentences more frequently… excellent results in tests… blah blah blah…It is a pleasure teaching him”. What! He reads for three hours a day, because he wants to! And good books, too. He is one of the best readers in the class.

Stupid reports. Guess I never got over the stinging, and often meaningless, remarks of my teachers. Particularly my Biology teacher, who coincidentally happened to be the author of the textbook used nationally, who, when handing back the exam papers after marking, got to mine- I’d failed (comes from sitting in my bedroom smoking and reading Tintin books)- I’d also forgotten to write my name on the paper.

Who is this person? He boomed… On top of the paper, he’d written : B.A. Boon?

Loved that guy. Just couldn’t be arsed studying for his exams.


  1. My teachers always wrote that I was smart and imaginative but they did it in such a way that it seemed like they were surprised at best and mostly offended by it, they hated me and my mom was loopy to them so they treated me based on her lunacy.. Thank heaven my Bee is pretty much teachers pet in all of her classes, I don't know what I'd do if they were blatantly mean to her. Your girl (the photos - I'm assuming?) she's precious though! Looks like the mischief of the Fae got into her ;-)

  2. She is a liiiiiitle mischievous- looks like a doll- she's smaller than the other kids at school, so the older girls like to hang out with her. If I go to visit, or drop her off there, almost very kid says hello Hannah...
    The opinion of the teacher doesn't matter as much as her self-confidence, in my opinion. She's very clever, too.

  3. My report used to say Belinda must stop reading romance novels at the back of the classroom. Belinda must pay attention. Belinda needs to apply herself more. Blah blah fishpaste. Its all BS anyway.


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