Saturday, March 21, 2009

Gimme some fun, or the Squid gets it.

Life can get terribly dull at times. It can feel as though you‘re marking notches on a tree like Robinson Crusoe, waiting for the inevitable rescue of death. Since the first humans slithered out of their mother’s wombs and headed off to hunt and gather their food, people have philosophized- what the heck is it all about? That’s a question you can get your own answer to- don’t ask me for your answer. And don’t get it from reading The Hitch-hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. Some days, I feel like I can taste it, it is so close. Others- not so much.

But I have something happy to report!

Life may not have been gripping today, but it was much, much better for me, than for the life of the squid. The squid that was swimming, or propelling, or whatever the hell squid do, along, happily thinking squiddy thoughts- or happily devoid of them, when he was sucked into a squid-net (dunno how they catch em), hauled aboard a ship, taken to shore, delivered to a pizzeria, chopped to bits as a response to my internet delivery order, placed on a pizza with green peppers and pineapple, baked in a wood-fired oven, and finally, pointlessly, eaten by me.

Life is good, wouldn’t you say?

*And don't correct me: I know the first humans can't slither out of their mother's wombs. Duh!


  1. This is, I expect, the ONLY post on the Internet labeled "Pointless Squid Death." But you put things in excellent perspective.

  2. It's the innanet- probably dozens of posts labelled that- no, wait, make that websites, careers, heck- I dunno.
    I'm just glad there's a reasonable chance I wn't end up chopped up on a pizza...
    Glad you popped by, B!

  3. Replace the squid with bacon and I'm in lol...

  4. Bacon would have been better- the squid was quite soggy.


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