Monday, March 16, 2009

Don't make me angry... you wouldn't like me when I'm ANGRY

So I said to the boy last week: Do your homework!
He claimed he didn’t have any, so I signed his empty homework book and sent him to school. Happened five days before I wrote a note to his teacher. She said they have homework every day, but that he has not handed in his book to be signed by her.

Much anger, many tears. I’ll never do that again, Dad, he said, but today he did it again…

I loved the 70’s TV program, the incredible hulk, with Lou Ferrigno. I especially like the opening sequence where he rescues a woman who is stuck under a car (sic? Can’t remember…) Anyway, after David Banner is affected by some kind of radiation (Gamma Rays, ditto?), if he gets really, really mad, he becomes triple his size, his skin goes green, and he suddenly wears stuffed up purple pants. Why purple? What happened to the original pants? Did he not suffer from stretch marks?

Which is exactly how I felt, today…


  1. I grew up in a deprived childhood of black and white TV. The Hulk was just a big guy with fuzzy hair, otherwise normal grey colored like everyone else.

    Maybe if you get some tight purple pants, son will do his homework.

  2. The greys.... aren't they aliens?
    I have had tight green velvet pants before, but not purple- not the right complexion for purple- makes me look like a corpse.

  3. I think only cartoon Hulk has purple pants.I also loved The Incredible Hluk tv show as a kid. The whole car thing - David Banner could not save his wife from a car wreck (opening sequence)...thus he sought super human strength...not that it would ever bring her back but...and yes, it was an OD of gamma rays.

    Of all the naughty things my daughter does sometimes, lying is the WORST and most upsetting to me.

  4. In retrospect, you are both right- it is a trick of the mind- he didn't wear purple pants on tv.
    you have a scary memory!

  5. Oh my word I am so the female version of the hulk when the knucklehead pulls those stunts!!!

  6. Holly haaa - can't believe James would do such a thing! Thought he loved his school work.

  7. @angel: Yup- no Dr Phil in the house then, the neighbours must have social services on speeddial...
    @bee He does, but he is in his own little world.


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