Saturday, March 7, 2009

interim blog

I'm considering moving everything across here, to blogspot, from blogdrive.
My blog is still there, until I can get my head around cutting and pasting things, or linking, or something...
Everything is linked to the blogdrive address, so I'm a little intimidated by having to remember all the old passwords, and the schlep of letting everyone know...
I also want to make sure that blogger is better than blogdrive first- easier to post to, and also easier to add images/widgets/whatever...
In the meantime, please carry on visiting


  1. Dear blogger,

    Sorry for using this format, but do not see any other way to contact. My blog started off like yours and have fine-tuned it to this (without costing much) -


    Vernon Chalmers

  2. I also used to use Blogdrive, then switched to Blogger. Blogger is so much more user friendly, and so much more easier to customise.

    I'm glad to see you back and blogging again too :)

  3. Hi
    Thanks Vernon- I have had a brief look at your website, but i will explore it more deeply. I'm looking for free blog hosting, but with as few restrictions as possible, interms of knowledge of HTML and interactivity. But it remains a rather meaningless blog without warranting any expense at this point- also, my wife, at has used up our extra budget for web-hosting.
    Jenny: Thanks for replying! I was feeling like the proverbial tree in the forest...
    It does seem much easier- especially as many applications come with Blogger-specific software... I see a winner coming up! It is hard to part ways with blogdrive after about five or six years...
    Once I figure out how to link, you'll be there!

  4. Nope, I'm from the UK not from Hong Kong. I took a gap year over there so the blog was mainly for my parents and friends to keep track of me. Worked very well! And it meant I didn't feel so guilty about not calling home as often as I should... :)

  5. Oh, ok, got it now.
    I need a gap life!
    So you don't have a current blog?

  6. Nope, no blog atm. I'm at uni now and I don't know how my friends would feel about me writing about them randomly on the internet. My life isn't half as interesting this year anyway! Also, I wouldn't be writing to a specific audience which is hard. I miss it loads though, it's so hard to get out of the habit of writing down your daily whatnots. Am sticking to reading the odd blog for now

  7. I don't write for a specific audience, and it doesn't stop me!
    Go for it- unless it will interfere with your studies, in which case, not...
    You calling my blog odd?

  8. Glad to be of assistance. All the best,

    Vernon Chalmers


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