Tuesday, April 7, 2009

And Lo! They came with flowery bonnets and sacrificial virgins

Its complex- watching a DVD with a three year old, and having him ask me to explain everything, and then having him disagree with me. Like this: On seeing a huge head statue, he asked me what it is.

Why, that's an Easter Island head, I explained.

It's not an Easter Island head, he says, its an Easter Bunny.

Oh, the rituals of this time of year. The ancients slaving away with their flint chisels and unknown pulley systems to create a giant Easter Bunny, in effigy. I'm guessing the island was first discovered by the West at Easter, and has little else to do with bunnies, chocolate or the resurrection. Whatever the background, it's a difficult holiday to explain to a kid who thinks he knows it all.

I apologise for my poor cartoon- couldn't face trying to steal a google image...


  1. What the HELL is that thing? Terrible Muriel. Easter Bunny from Hell. Nightmare Easter Bunny - am traumatised now. SOB!

  2. And a rabbit with a basket full of chocolate from who-knows-where sneaking into your house isn't creepy? And I personally think my illustration is a thing of beauty.

  3. Thats one scray ass bunny head!!!

  4. personally, i dig your easter bunny sculpture. it looks like the easter bunny after falling off the wagon.

  5. @ Blaine F: Or, it looks like it was drawn by someone who has fallen off the wagon. Mea Culpa.


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