Friday, April 3, 2009

Which Kevin.... are YOU?

You are whom you choose to watch… This simple, yet effective analysis of the four personality types according to Kevins will help you to make invaluable life choices, and, ultimately, to find inner peace and eternal joy…

All you have to do is answer three easy questions, and then read the custom-made analysis, in order for YOU to find your inner Kevin.
1. Do you prefer: a) Wearing suede tasseled clothes
b) Leering at people and shopping for purple suits
c) waxing your moustache
d) Who cares? Let’s JAM!
2. Would you a) rescue a damsel in distress
b) Shoot her
c) Rather rescue a damson
d) Who cares! Lets Paaaarrrtttyyyyy
3. Are you a) Monogamous
b) Bigamous
c) Polygamous
d) Bring me that gamous, let’s see what it’s made of!

If you chose: A bunch of as, then:
You are Kevin Costner- You had a brief heyday in the nineties, when people were touchy-feely, but now they prefer the sport channel. You need to try other things, like producing, or lawn tennis.
If you selected bs, then:
You are Kevin Spacey, just because. You can still make people feel small, for fun, and you are able to get a way with outrageous crap. You have a gift, but the wrapping isn’t always right.
If you chose cs, then:
You are Kevin Kline, your whimsy will not take you much further. Best you take up crocheting soft-furnishings.
Finally, if you chose ds, then:
You are Kevin Bacon, You never sleep, and you turn everyone into a friend. You are free to do what you want, any old time.

*I have no idea where this comes from, and, should any of the Kevins mentioned read this, well, who cares?


  1. Excellent - did you make it up yourself?

  2. @Briane P: Yeeeeeeessss, unless, of course, you are one of the Kevins, in which case, watch me eat my harddrive.

  3. I think I'm a little afraid of you now. Backing away slowly...

  4. @Briane and Neen: Interesting- the two people who affected my DVD hiring this weekend- Monsters Inc, and American Beauty, neither of which has Kevin Costner in it.

  5. Apparently I am Kevin Spacey with a splash of (ugh) Kevin Costner... I think I'd rather be Jack Nicholson - he looks pretty good in purple suits and he's still getting the hunnies.

  6. @ Sam:I'd like to be Jack Nocholson 30 years ago- is that allowed?

  7. @Vincent: another St Elmo's Fire victim? I'm a Spacey.


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