Sunday, April 12, 2009

Holidays, a time for families and silent screams

Nothing like waking up on a strange floor, carpet imprinted on your cheek. Glad that this wasn't accompanied by blackouts and a short ride in the back of a police van. Fortunately, no bloodstains or shallow graves (this time)- just extended our stay at my sister-in-law's house- must be mad- spontaneous holidays with the children. Children who are unhinged by chocolate molded into amusing rabbit shapes. So I have missed out on catching up with you all.

I'll be back after a lunch with Neen's extended family this afternoon- normally this only happens at Christmas, and Neen is there to shield me from their genetic whirlpool. Even then it takes six months to recover, so today, with Neen still in the States (yay- entering week eight of ten and a half weeks!)- it's just going to be me. Let's hope we don't create yet another legend to enter the family history...

There's a reason I call them Munch-kins.

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