Wednesday, April 15, 2009

My boss is kinda hot

My boss is really good looking. I mean, hooooot. I went to a business lunch with him yesterday, and these lanky model-looking types kept hugging him hello. He looks like an Indian version of Joey from Friends- the winningest smile you’ve ever seen. The woman we had to meet for lunch blushed nearly crimson when she saw him. She was about 35, but blushing like a teenager.

I don’t blush, but my ears go red. Not when I see my boss, but if I am embarrassed. I also get occasional pimples. Really, isn’t that supposed to pass when you are twenty years out of school?

I sometimes envy teenagers their confidence- here I am, 38, and hating social situations. Where did the swagger go? I had it, once, but now I know better- circumstances and fears can rob you of who you think you are, and condemn you to the shadows.

If I met any of you, my ears would definitely redden, and I would make a series of manic jokes to distract you from my discomfort.

Am I the only person who suffers embarrassment like a teenager, but lacks the spirit to project confidence? How are you with social situations?


  1. Dude! I did not see red ears when we met you!??!?
    And I wish I'd had the confidence I have now when I was at school...

  2. @angel: You did not! But it was like 35 degrees, so most of me was red.
    I wish I had the holidays I had at school.

  3. I find a nice friendly scowl puts everyone at ease.

  4. @Kyk: Or feigning Tourettes. I love to BASTARD do that.

  5. I avoid them like the plague, and if caught in one, never stop talking about myself. Which makes it easier, in the future, to avoid the social situations.

  6. @Briane P: Your verbosity is what attracts me to your blog :-)

  7. I get more and more awkward every day. It's not usually embarrassment, but more: "Should I have said that? Now what do I do? Is it my turn to talk? Oh no! Now what?" etc. etc.

  8. @Betsy Soukup: Overthinking is my speciality! By the time I am 80, I'll be immobilsed by social fears.


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