Saturday, April 4, 2009

I'm going to eat his liver with some fava beans and an amusing chianti

Quid Pro Quo, Clarice*

Recently I fell head over heels in love, with what is the best blog in the world. No, the second best after mine. Or third, after my wife's... ok, somewhere near the top after bloggers who still bother to visit me, and people I owe money to...

Anyway, The Best of Everything has to be one of the most detailed blogs I've ever seen. And not all of those details are pointless- some of them are funny AND pointless. And before Briane P. Gets cross with me for dismissing him- I do believe that we can have very deep thoughts while considering the pointless. Also, he has linked to me, so you can skip those posts and read something else he has written. There seems to be very little he hasn't written about, apart from his short stint in a makeshift cell in Tijuana. Prepare to enter a world within a series of other clickable worlds, link after crazy link.

Just been out for supper, so this is blog unplugged, as played for easy listening on the Pan pipes- ie- I am too tired to write.

And thanks to *Sam, I'd been thinking of a Silence of the Lambs reference, but you reminded me before I could post...

**And if you want one of those masks- PLEASE don't tell me why- you can get one!


  1. Ahahaha! I want the mask. I want a bunch of them! They'll be my xmas gifts to the family this year! Do you happen to know where I can get "child sized"? Oh I love Silence of the Lambs, its in my top ten for sure!

  2. @Sam: dammit! I forgot to add a link. I suspect they do them in baby sizes, too.

  3. @ Wenchy: I don't personally stock them at home, but the link will give you what you need. And thank you for not telling me why.


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