Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Ok, Kids: This is your Mother.

I’m getting a wee bit autistic savant. I’m finding myself trying to figure out how many minutes and hours until Neen gets back. Admittedly, this isn’t going to win me a Nobel Prize (except for perhaps endurance), but it’s good to be able to put a finite quantity to the amount of time left.

Unless… Last time she traveled to the States, I had older two children wound up: Mommy will be back in three… two… one more day! But then she missed a connecting flight and had to hang around with gangsta baggage handlers at JFK for an extra 24 hours. Try breaking that one to toddlers. This time I’m prepared for anything:

Sorry kids, mommy contracted a possible supervirus, and is quarantined for six months. You can see her, but we’ll have to sell the house, and wear plastic bubble suits.

Sorry kids, mommy wanted to come home, but she’s emotionally and spiritually vulnerable, and she decided to quit her decadent Western lifestyle when she met the Hare Krishnas at the airport. You can see her, only now we call her Bhakti Shrivaneenie.

Sorry kids, mommy got on the wrong flight and was accidentally sold into the harem of a wealthy oil sheik in Oman. The good news is that you are now princes and princesses, but the bad news is, Daddy is now the hired camel-hand…

I could go on, but I won’t… The clock is ticking…

A random quote from Hannah, 6:
“You don’t have to buy a friend, but you do have to have a sort of a license, because you have to know what to do with a friend…”


  1. Oh yay, when is the frabulous day? Hope it's wonderful and special and just wow for all of you :)

  2. Sunday, 21.10, to be precise... whooohooo

  3. Hope none of the above happens and that she'll will be home on Sunday. At 21:10

  4. You are the KING of endurance!
    Clock, keep on ticking!

  5. I have no idea what Hannah meant when she said that. Does that mean I've been gone too long, or she's just insane, like her dad?

  6. Wow, that's a long time to be separated. Congrats on getting your life back soon.

  7. HOLY COW, I just jumped the link over to your wife's blog. I work for the U of I although I'm not in Champaign. That is truly a small world example

  8. @Melany: yes!yes!yes!
    @Angel: Mental note: ask Angels doc to up the dose..
    @Abby: It's like a good version of an Edgar Allan Poe tale... the ticking clock...

  9. @Janine: HAHA- noo, she was talking about friendship with James, and how you don't have to give someone things for them to be friends with you. I said you can't buy friendship, and she said the above, meaning, friendship teaches you stuff?
    @MDL: My life will be back- so so I may slip away more often from here.. And you forgot to say my wife's marvellous blog!
    She did say that she saw a slightly unhinged professorial-type with a notepad, walking into a door.

  10. Love that pic - you both look so young and gorg and unstressed... aah life before kids

  11. @Divinebee: We still look young and gorg and well, maybe not unstressed...
    Sigh. 14.5 years ago!

  12. You've made it this far -- you've earned that Nobel Prize.

  13. @Briane P: Yeah, as far as I know, the Nobel prizes are only awarded to living candidates, so I qualify on that alone!


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