Thursday, April 23, 2009

Prehistoric is the new modern. (?)

What did Neanderthal man do with his downtime? Sure, a lot of his time was taken up with running after or from hairy things, and eating them, and working with sticks and stones in his workshop, but surely there was more to life?

No TV. That’s what takes up most of our lives. No sports. (Ever seen a fossilised goalpost?) (And a coprolite is not a soccer ball). No computers- so no time spent on hold trying to whinge at their service providers. No video games, no gardens, no decorating. It was all function rather than form. It had to do something, or what was the point. It is apparently a highly contested debate whether or not Neanderthals engaged in art, but if they were, it would have been sticks and stones again- no dissected sheep in giant glass tanks.

Sure, he may have been a little religious, but that religion wasn’t restricted to Sunday mornings. He probably didn’t bother much with trimming hair and a general beauty regime. What makes us human? Is it all the rubbish we do to fill our lives? Surely, if it is just about food, sex and sleep, then we are just animals with manners?

What’s strange is: The sound of running half-naked through the wilderness, and bashing rocks together is quite appealing to me at the moment. I think I’ve devolved.

Next, I will be wriggling helplessly through the primeval sludge. Sounds like heaven. No bills, responsibilities, pressure; just sludge.


  1. As long as it's warm sludge and not hovering on the brink of an ice age, such as today appears to be.

    So much for global warming!

  2. I know! What's with that! It came from nowhere, or else I wasn't paying attention when I put on a t-shirt this morning.

  3. i have run naked through the woods bashing rocks together. its quite fun.

  4. Eeeeuwww... I don't like slime!


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