Friday, April 17, 2009

Hark! What Light Through Yonder Window Beckons...

They are like family. Well, they are both Lepidoptera, but why are they so different? Most people love the image of a brightly coloured butterfly, reeling through the dappled summer sun to alight on a pollen-heavy blossom. So why the different reaction to a moth? When he staggers drunkenly through the darkened alleyways of the night to tear himself to pieces on a lightbulb? Moths are the Mickey Rourkes and Shane McGowans of the insect world. Butterflies, the Paris Hiltons and Lindsey Lohans.

According to Wikipedia (which is as academically sound as saying according to People Magazine), moths navigate by a particular kind of celestial navigation known as transverse orientation. Basically, bright light to them is the equivalent of somebody doodling on your A-Z map of Cape Town. They have no idea where they are going. Bang goes that mystery. Bear with me, this is about to get good…

But you seldom see moth caterpillars hovering in mid air over your reading lamp, so what happens between moth infancy and adult moth-hood? Silk worms are moth larvae, right? They are active during the day. Probably the night too, haven’t done empirical research here, this is just a blog.

Anyway, moths get a bum deal. They have far more beautiful antennae, and seem hardier than butterflies. Then again, few people hit butterflies with a rolled up People Magazine. Sure, they can leave a trail of scales as they disintegrate all over the house, but we should cherish those as living sacrifices.

Butterflies? Flower parasites. What the heck do moths eat? Probably the residue left by new trainers in a laminated floor. Who knows? Butterflies do it all out in the open- We could learn far more by studying moths. Everyone, grab your magnifying glasses and your torches.

Just couldn’t find a good moth metaphor for parenting, but at least you learnt something, right?

Wonderful news today! Jonah, who is threeish and in day care, was sent home for the next week with chicken pox today. Love it. Had to charm Father In Law to stay with him next week, as Neen is still away for two more weeks, and I am working terribly hard. These blogs don’t update themselves, you know. Neen has been gone eight weeks already. It is high time she came home to all this chaos- moth-nonsense, sick children, the usual. I’m beginning to suspect she has changed her name and slipped off the grid. Neen? NEEEEEEENNNNNIE!!!!!

Right. Time for me to put on my safety helmet and run repeatedly into a lamp.


  1. Oh my word. Chicken pox?!? Poor guy and poor you and poor Neen and poor everyone!!! Husband of the year award!!!

  2. Yay! Bring on those awards! Poor kid- he seems ok, though. @Beck: Neen arrives in San Fran tonight!

  3. Shame Scott at least you still have your lovely wine. And it's only 2 more weeks - hurrah.

  4. Were I live, we have all of those generic moths that end up on car radiators but we also have giant beautiful moths too. Some of these are the size of sparrows. You really need to keep an eye on small pets with these things flitting about.

  5. @divinebee: Loving that wine, in excess.
    @mydailylist: You see! Moths can be beautiful, but with an element of danger...

  6. helmets are a rouse! they do nothing!

  7. @Stopbouncing: You are one mean biker chick!

  8. Well I like moths...
    Sorry bout Jonah being so sick.

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